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June 20, 2022

Hello all and welcome to my blog. I am tired of my life being displayed to the world in a way that benefits corporations like the various social media companies do. They feast on my life and abuse/extort it for their own gain. No longer will that be the narrative. Why shouldn't I finally display my life how I want online?

Changing of the Guards

September 5, 2022

Changing of the Guards - I read a blog post on the internet the other day and something REALLY stood out to me. “If your non SX-70 Polaroid is not working consistently and reliably, it’s time to let it go.” The article ushered in the idea that I could stop wasting precious and expensive Polaroid Integral Film.

What I imagined in my own life while reading this was the most recent outing I had with my Polaroid One. My partner and I visited the Ballard Locks here in Seattle a few weekends ago. Luscoius botanical gardens, ships traveling upstream from ocean to lake, fish ladder full of salmon returning to their original spawning point. Everything was incredibly profound, however, my Polaroid One was not being a reliable bit. I have had issues with it before - consistently - but not quite at this level of annoyance. The “innovative” folding mechanism is once again the demise of cheap technology from yore as every story seems to tell. As one presses down on the shutter, the camera shuts off, fully believing it has been turned off.

I no longer had control over what moment I was capturing, my Polaroid decided this for me. Frustratingly, I would stand there hovering over my camera - open, shutter, close, open, shutter, close, open, shutter, close. Over and Over until the god damn thing would capture ITS decisive moment.

Enough is Enough. Today, I announce the changing of colors, retirement of arms, the end of an era.

I am now a Polaroid Sun660 person. I never thought of myself as a box camera person. I always thought the last generation of 600 cameras and the SX-70 where the only units for me - I hear you laughing, hysterically. Oh whale. I figured that zone focusing would be nice to have, especially utilizing the incredible Sonar system from Polaroid. I can’t afford a glass, SLR Polaroid right now so this is the next best thing in the world of plastic lenses - to me.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Seattle

June 29, 2022

Coffee Machine goes "Brrrr" - I don't give a fuck how cliche it is, I love coffee. I am the biggest asshole in the mornings without it. I will spend god knows how much on it and HAVE spend god knows how much already. FML here are the coffee shops right in town that speak to my soul. The ones that make my little coffee addiction roast and brew like the beans itself.

CAFFE VITA x KEXP: Do you like coffee? Do you like music? Do you like atmosphere? Well do I have the place for you! Not quite under the canopy of the "Needle" lies a spacious sanctuary for coffee and music lovers. Local public music radio station KEXP has partnered with Caffe Vita, a local coffee roaster and cafe chain. This is a true destination for the locals as it is tucked away in Lower Queen Anne neighborhood and slightly unapproachable from the exterior, like the city itself. Here you will have the best cup of coffee in town and stick around for a peak into the studio window to view Cheryl Waters DJing over the seattle radio waves. The best in my book.

Caffe Umbria in SLU: Seaplanes, Yachts and Hot Tub Boats run parallel to an exquisite and quaint coffee shop here in the South Lake Union/Westlake neightboorhood of Seattle. Another local roaster has done it again with an outstanding cup of italian espresso. This shop is perfect for the person who wants a lakeside sunrise with their coffee.

Honorable Mention: This one is tough so I will come back to it in a bit. Stay tuned. The day of reconing will come.

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I am a Queer, South East Asian American living in Seattle, Washington with my drop-dead gorgeous partner, Cade and our two cats, Jackie and Jules. I love art, photography, 90's and 2000's consumer electronics, marijuana, music, movies & television, cameras, and growing as a person each day.

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The death of youth,

of innocence,

does not mean

the death of beauty.

There is still life

to be found

in growth and change.

Kalynn Saunders