Image 1 February 10, 2024

Muji Micah

This little website started as a project to learn a thing or two. The old Neon Micah site was, as many of you probably remember, chaotic. I had images, my radio channel, a blog, gifs and images and thoughts littered in every corner.

The old 404 easter egg was not the most visited page but certainly a fan favorite. The back end was a mess I could no longer decipher. Every change I made, my website broke into 10 pieces. It took days to get running again.

With this recent overhaul, I have removed all my work and started new. All those Polaroids may resurface here again one day - I know you all really liked them.

You random internet people have found my photography and my thoughts. We are all bigger than the net we cast.

danimotora - Thank You

Inaka - Thank You

marshmellosucks - Thank You

maxwellmacarthur - Thank You

americasdecline - Thank You

Thank you to the 500+ people who view my photographs and site each week.

Over and out